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Art. No. Article name Price Number
25-A0 302 3 GMON3 - Pro
(with register: BMI, THI, fat, water, blood pressure, rest pulse, without scale connection or assistance!)
Professional version with SQL database for arbitrarily many customer entries (more...)
Shipping as internet download approx. 40MB
250,00 €
Additional modules:
25-B0 301 3 Additional register Tanita Pro BCM (more...)
(for Tanita-Professional-Scales BC-418, BC-420, SC-330, DC-430, DC-360, SC-240, MC-180, MC-780, MC-980, BF-350, TBF-300, TBF-305, TBF-310, TBF-401, TBF-410, WB-100, WB-110, WB-3000, and ViScan AB-101, AB-140, and Activity Monitor AM-180)
199,00 €
25-C0 308 3 Additional register Tanita Home BCM (more...)
(for Tanita-Home-Scales BC-1000, BC-351, BC-531, BC-532, BC-533, BC-534, BC-536, BC-542, BC-543, BC-545, BC-551,BC-558, BC-568, BC-570, BC-571, BC-573, BC-575, BC-581, BC-582, BC-590, BC-601, BF-679, BF-680, BF-681, BF-682, UM-030, UM-050, UM-070, UM-071, UM-072, UM-073, UM-075, UM-076, and Activity Monitor AM-180)
49,00 €
25-C0 311 3 Additional register Calipometrie 79,00 €
25-C0 309 3 Additional register Blood sugar 49,00 €
25-D0 304 3 Additional register Laboratory Values
(Cholesterol, LDL/HDL, Triglycerides, Blood sugar)
149,00 €
25-C0 301 3 Additional register Questionary 99,00 €
25-C0 302 3 Additional register Janda-Test 125,00 €
25-C0 312 3 Additional register Free parameters
2 sub-registers, each with 10 free parameters
99,00 €
25-D0 002 4 GMON Installation-CD in addition to the internet-download
Sending via post
5,50 €
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