GMON Software Health Monitor

GMON Pro - your professional partner!

Our GMON Pro - Health Monitoring software was developed especially for the demands of professional usage and so it is possible to extend and modify it individually, depending on the requirements of your costumer- or patient service.
Also at GMON Pro the constant monitoring of the important body values and the early knowledge of dangerous changes in the health situation are foregrounded. Because of the modular software structure it is possible to extend GMON Pro by additional registers whenever you like. We are pleased to inform you about the possibilities here.

Why GMON Pro?

To meet the requirements of your usage the GMON Pro - software is…

… versatile & professional
  • Because of its modular structure made by registers the software makes a simultaneously viewing and analyzing of information about anamnesis, questionnaires and measurement data possible.
  • The statistical analysis of the database and the documentation of the collected data ensure clarity.

… clear & timesaving
  • In your own costumer database datasets can be compiled, founded and updated easy and fast.
  • Within the risk tree all deficites and health risks from all registers are identifiable at once.

… individual & flexible
  • With the purchase of additional registers, an individual adaptation of the software to your user requirements can be realized. For example, RD scales can be integrated with the MyTanita app (for iOS/iPhone® and Android) using our home register.
  • The GMON Pro also works in networking as multi-access system.
  • Even an individual health report designed after you wishes and demands is possible.

The system requirements and other technical data is provided for you here: technical data

You are interested in GMON Pro - software and you like to order your GMON Pro or you like to have more information about the additional registers?

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GMON - technical data
System requirements:
Operating system Windows XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Win11
Screen with minimum 1024 x 768 pixel and 24 bit colors with normal font size (96dpi)
User interface in 24 speeches:
German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Roumanian, In Slovak, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Dutch, Serbian, Croatia, Arabic, Slovenian, Latvian
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Русский, Ελληνικός, Español, Български, Magyar, Polski, Český, Românesc, Slovenský, Việt, 한국어, 汉语, ภาษาไทย, Nederlands, Србија, Hrvatska, عربى, Slovenščina, Latvietis
Data base:
FireBird SQL data base server with practically boundless data volume for the professional application.
Electrical device interfaces: Additional register "Tanita Pro BCM":
Tanita-Profi-Waagen BC-418, BC-420, SC-330, DC-13C, DC-270, DC-430, DC-360, SC-240, MC-180, MC-580, MC-780, MC-980, BF-350, TBF-300, TBF-305, TBF-310, TBF-401, TBF-410, WB-100, WB-110 and WB-3000, as well as ViScan AB-101, AB-140, and Activity monitor AM-180

Additional register "Tanita Home BCM":

Tanita-Home-Scales BC-1000, BC-601, BC-602, BC-613, BC-590BT
Depending on the additional registers and the recorded data, 12 different reports for different analyzes are possible. Export into PDF, PNG, EMF, GIF and BMP. Individual adjustment of the head of all standard reports Datenbackup der SQL-Datenbank in das hauseigene GBACK Format.
Statistical client data can be requested from the SQL-database of the GMON Pro Version with SQL and exported as XLS or CSV. Therefore a simple SQL-console is integrated in the client administrator.
Data export:
Costumer specific data can be exported into the generally accepted file formats XLS and CSV as well as into the own GMON format.
Data base backup to the own GMON  GBACK format
Data import:
Import of GMON-date with the in-house GMON or GBACK-format. Import of the already existing basic claims data per CSV format within the GMON-administrator of the GMON-Pro version..
Help system:
Help and description of the evaluation functions per pdf.
Connection to praxis-software or other KIS-systems: The GMON application can be telecommanded over the standard cutting point GDT and HL7 or over the specific GMON-interface. For HL7 chargeable, additional software is necessary.

GMON - Support
Together with your GMON-software you get a lifelong email-support during our business hours. You can find the email-address which was especially arranged for this purpose in your GMON-software under main menu > help/information. Furthermore we offer software-updates at regular intervals with upgrades or corrections. The updates within a main version like 2.X or 3.X are free of charge and you can request them by sending your GMON-license data under the menu “updates”.
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