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GMON wants a license
Installation rights for the license
GMON and local network
Extension of the RS232 cable
Error message: "The scale is not ready ...."
Recommendation for connection of Tanita Scales with PC

Question: The Health Monitor wants a Customer-ID and a Password. What do I have to enter?

Answer: You are in the Login dialogue of the Health Monitor. To display or change customer data, you need a certain Customer-ID and eventually a password, according to how the customer was created in the database (e.g. "demo1" without any password).

In the Professional Version with SQL database you can enter any existing Customer-ID with or without a password. This login dialogue was created for special information terminals in e.g. Fitness Center, where the customer by himself can work with his own data. Anyway, the "normal" way in the professional version uses the Customer Administration. Here you can create, change or delete customer data. The Health Monitor is here started by the function "Analysis" without the upper login dialogue.

In the Standard or Demo Version without SQL database there is no such Customer Administration. If you open the list box you can choose an existing Customer-ID or enter a new ID for a new customer. To create a new customer is not possible in the demo version.

Question: The Health Monitor wants a license:

Answer: You may have entered a wrong SNR or LIC. You find both on the inside of the CD cover.

Question: You see the message: "Sorry, you need the proper installation rights on this PC."

Answer: For Setup the SNR & LIC you must run the GMON as Administrator. Please right-click the GMON Icon and select the function "run as administrator" or ask your PC Administrator for any account or password.

Question: Can I install the Health Monitor in a local network?

Answer: Yes.

The Health Monitor (professional version) consists of three basically components:

  • Database file, which includes measurement and customer data (GMON3.GDB).
  • Database server (FireBird SQL), a program to manage the database file.
  • The program for Customer Administration and the Health Monitor itself, which access to the database file via the database server. 

The FireBird database server an the according database will be installed on the local PC during the default installation. The database server will be setup in the path C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_X and will run as a service of the operating system. You find the database file for customer and measurement data in C:\Program Files\MedServ\database\GMON3.GDB. You can change the path for this file in the setup of the Customer Administration, but it has to stay on the local disk. Network directories are not allowed for the database. Would you like to install the database on a network server for security reasons or for multi user access, the database server has to run there. Please let you administrator take care of this installation. You find more information in the manual of the Health Monitor section "Installation" and under GMON and network.

Question: Can I extend the RS232 connector cable of a Tanita scale?

Answer: Yes, you can. Please use a common RS232 extension cable (1:1 Connection, DB9 male-female connector), according to the quality of the cable and the RS232 hardware up to 100m.

Question: Error message: "The scale is not ready ...."

Answer: There is no connection to the scale via the chosen COMx interface. A few hints for trouble shooting will be displayed inside the error message. Additionally please consider the following:

  • Did you choose the right COMx from the list box? A few PCs or laptops have an integrated modem and show an interface, which does not externally exists.
  • You find more information in the Online Help of any Tanita scales. For instance the scales BC-418 and BF-350 must be set in to a special mode for PC remote control.
  • Please use only the RS232 connection cable, which was delivered with your scale or a cable according to the manual of your scale. (see Recommendation for connection of Tanita Scales)
  • Please don't forget the Null-Modem adapter for scale BC-418.
  • If you use an USB-RS232 converter, please make sure that the matching device drivers are installed (System Control/ System / Device manager).
    Check the combination of cable and scale without the USB-RS232 converter on a PC with standard RS232 interface. If this works, your USB-RS232 converter is maybe faulty.
  • In the worst case the cable or the RS232 hardware is defectively. Please see Extended Trouble Shooting for RS232
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