GMON Software Health Monitor

Recommendation for connection of Tanita Scales with PC

If the Health Monitor is delivered with Tanita Professional Scales from a Tanita Dealer, the package will include the following cable set:

The grey cable is a standard 1:1 RS232-connection cable. The red cable and the NULL Modem adapter provide a crossover connection of the connectors. Those different cable versions were created during these many years of development of the Tanita scales, since there was no exact standard recommendation for RS232 data connections.

An USB-RS232 adapter is included for PC or Laptop without integrated RS232 port. You need to install the driver software for this adapter or any Tanita scale with USB connector from the GMON-CD or the driver CD of the adapter before you connect the device. You will also find the actual driver software in the Internet at (please use the "setup executable" link in the Windows line) and the Help for Installation at You can check the successful installation in your system control under system/hardware/devise manager:

For further information about connecting Tanita pro scales with GMON please read the manual GMON_EN_TANITA_pro.pdf.

For an individual connection you can prepare such cables by your own. Please see therefore the instructions in the Manual of the scale. We recommend the following connection:


For detailed information about the serial interface for technicans please see Extended Trouble Shooting for RS232.

Connecting of Tanita home scale BC-1000

To use the Tanita scale BC-1000 you need to install the USB device driver for the “USB ANT+ Stick" at your PC. If the driver is not automatically installed with Windows Update when you connect the “USB ANT+ Stick", you can install the driver manually with this link. You can find the current driver and manufacturer support in the internet at You can check the correct installation of the driver and the functionality of the “USB ANT+ Stick” over windows control panel > system / hardware / device manager:
Device ManagerDevice Manager

Please note that the "ANT+ USB1 Stick" is not supported under Windows 10. For this operating system you need a USB2 or USB-m stick.

Connecting of Tanita home scale BC-601

For using the Tanita BC-601 you need a computer with SD card reader. Here you can find a quick start manual for the usage in GMON V3: FastStartBC601V3en.pdf.

Connecting of Tanita scale MC-580

The MC-580 is connected via a standard 1:1 RS232 cable. To do this, the setup of the balance must be switched to PC mode (press the [V] key for 5 seconds, select SETTING 11, change CONTROL MODE to PC and press the [SET] key).

For further information about connecting Tanita home scales with GMON please read the manual GMON_EN_TANITA_home.pdf.

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