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Simple steps to Health Monitor installation:

Installation options:

The GMON works with an SQL database. The required database server will be installed by default on the workstation PC (local).

The <Install FireBird Database> option is only available if database access has not yet been set up.
The use of an external network server is optional (multi-user database operation). Only one network client needs to be installed for this purpose (Option <Install only network server access >). For this server an IP address and an alias is required for the database.
The network server can be any workstation PC on which the GMON is installed by default with a local database, or a stand-alone network server on which only the FireBird database runs (deactivate <Install Health Monitor> option).

The "[Programme]\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\aliases.conf" and "firebird.conf" files must be installed accordingly for network configuration on the server. This includes the designation of an alias, e.g.
GMON = C:\Programme\MedServ\GMon\database\gmon2.gdb

Tip: Maximum data security is achieved by using a stand-alone network server on which the default administrator password for the FireBird database has been modified (e.g. with gsec.exe) and where regular data back-ups are made.

Note: A valid GMON licence is required for each workstation on which the health monitor is used simultaneously.

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